Trusted Assessor Level 4

Purpose of the Course

To enable the Trusted Assessor to identify a need for major adaptations, assess measure for and prescribe major adaptations and apply for DFG funding for the adaptations.

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The range of equipment includes:

  • Ramps
  • Level access showers
  • Stair lifts

Learning outcomes

  1. To understand the purpose of Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) – benefits & limitations relating to accessing the home.
  2. To be able to complete a robust risk assessment including: individual, task, environment, other people/ factors
  3. Identify a need for equipment and be able to justify
  4. Understand environment factors that will impact on the ability in install adaptations
  5. To be able to measure an individual for major adaptations
  6. To be able to understand ranges of products available within level access showers, ramps and stairlifts
  7. Recognise role of Trusted assessor and understand when to refer clients back to OT services

Once you have completed the Trusted Assessor Training you will have an accredited award at level 4, this is accredited by the OCN London.

NB – this course will in no way train staff to replace the role of Occupational Therapy within home adaptations. It will enable staff to complete the more basic assessments for stair lifts, level access showers and ramps and ensure that the learner knows their limitations and when to refer onto qualified professionals.

It is highly recommended that all organisations choosing to complete this training have a clear referral pathway through to Occupational Therapy teams for circumstances when the assessment is beyond a Trusted Assessors remit.

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New documentation to assist organisations when setting up new Trusted Assessors within their work place will be available online shortly. If you would like any of this documentation before it is available online, we would be happy to share it via email. Please contact